Embracing Authenticity and Joy: Kamini Wood’s Transformative Insights on Diversity Beyond the Checkbox

Get ready for an enlightening episode with host Jackie Ferguson and her guest, Kamini Wood, a dynamic life coach and entrepreneur. This episode takes you on a journey through Kamini’s personal experiences of growing up in a predominantly white town, highlighting the challenges and lessons in authenticity and belonging. Kamini opens up about her life-changing approach to personal development, emphasizing the power of understanding core values, needs, and beliefs. Gain invaluable insights into the practice of self-compassion, the role of breathwork in well-being, and strategies to overcome imposter syndrome. Whether you’re on a path of self-discovery or striving to enhance diversity in your environment, this episode is a compelling blend of personal narrative and practical advice, inspiring listeners to embrace their authentic selves and find joy in their own journey.

“Diversity Beyond the Checkbox” is presented by The Diversity Movement and hosted by Inc 200 Female Founders award winner, Jackie Ferguson.

This show is proud to be a part of the Living Corporate network and to be produced by Earfluence.

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