The Great Resignation, COVID-19, and the Super Age, with demographic futurist Bradley Schurman

With birth rates plummeting and life expectancy rising, one out of every five people are over 65 – what Bradley Schurman calls “The Super Age.” This age shift challenges us to change our historical bias about older populations and be intentional about inclusion – in both work and in the community. In this first episode of season 6, Jackie and Bradley dive into the concept of futurism, how the Super Age is contributing to the Great Resignation, and more.

Bradley Schurman is a demographic futurist and opinion maker on business longevity. He’s the founder of The Super Age, a global strategic advisory firm, where he helps organizations understand how shifting demographics and mega trends are remaking social and economic norms. He’s the author of the book, The Super Age, Decoding our Demographic Destiny.

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