Leading with Empathy: Josh Haymond’s Journey in Business and Community Impact

In this engaging episode, host Jackie Ferguson engages in a heartfelt conversation with Josh Haymond, the Managing Partner at VACO. Explore Josh’s incredible journey, both in the business world and his profound community impact. Explore the dynamics of his “player-coach” role, emphasizing the importance of client service and leadership in the recruitment industry.

Beyond business, Josh shares about his early years and how the hardships he overcame led to his outstanding work as the founder and president of Beyond Basketball, a nonprofit empowering young individuals for life beyond the basketball court through mentorship in mental health, financial literacy, leadership, and STEM education. Dive into the significance of leading with empathy, a cornerstone in building a stronger, more inclusive society. Join us to gain profound insights into personal growth and empathetic leadership. Tune in to this episode and embark on a journey toward a brighter future.

Episode 11 Bonus Content