Thriving Authentically: Breaking the Mold in the Modern Workplace


Tune into an enlightening Diversity: Beyond the Checkbox episode with host Jackie Ferguson, as she jumps into the interviewee seat. In this conversation, Jackie engages with writer, editor, and diversity executive Amber Keister to explore the captivating theme of “Thriving Authentically: Breaking the Mold in the Modern Workplace.” Shattering stereotypes and debunking the myth of imposter syndrome, Jackie sheds light on breaking free from the constraints that often lead to “shrinking in the workplace.” Discover the transformative power of creating work environments where authenticity is not only embraced but celebrated and where individuals are empowered to bring their whole selves to the table. Amber and Jackie delve into the pivotal role of sponsors in fostering diversity and inclusion, as well as the immense value of embracing vulnerability as a leader. This insightful discussion offers invaluable takeaways on overcoming self-doubt, cultivating psychological safety within teams, and the profound impact of curating a personal board of advisors. Explore how authenticity, empathy, and taking calculated risks can lead to more inclusive, high-performing teams and organizations. Take advantage of this engaging episode that promises to inspire, educate, and empower.